Notice to Customers

A Notice To Our Customers

Today our Country is held in the grip of the COVID-19 emergency. Until the emergency ends, we will not be able to host you in our Store, but we will be able to service your quilting needs through the telephone and internet.

We are currently developing an online store to put much of our stock up on the website. Check back soon.

If you have questions, visit our contact page telephone me at 203-270-0341.

During the COVID emergency, I will be launching a series of videos on our Facebook page and we will be teaching classes via the internet’s ZOOM platform. To participate, sign up for a free account, then call (203-270-0341) or email me with a contact number where we can reach you. This will allow you to obtain the pin number needed to participate in the class.

If you would like to be notified when our videos are posted or enrollment is open for an online class, email me to be included on our list.

Like all of you, we hope that the COVID-19 emergency ends soon. In the meantime, again like all of you, we will be doing our best to cope with the situation so as to keep the Quilt Shop by Lois the Happy Place that it has been these last five years!